Bringing loved ones closer together through creativity and comfort

Bringing loved ones closer together through creativity and comfort.

Hello! We’re Yulree and Patrick Tio, the founders of My Blanket Shop

Who we are

Hello! We’re Yulree and Patrick Tio, the founders of My Blanket Shop.

We’re proud to say that textiles run in our family. A combined 30+ years of industry experience has led us to where we are today — crafting meaningful, custom creations that tell a story and spark joy.

  • Family-Owned
  • Female-Owned
  • Minority-Owned

How we got here

It all started with a Mother’s Day gift. A year after the birth of our first child, we made a photo blanket featuring pictures of our baby’s growth from one to 12 months. This keepsake quickly became more than just a blanket. The longer we held on to it and used it around the house, the more valuable and sentimental it became.

We officially launched My Blanket Shop in 2020 by combining our resources and knowledge about high-quality textiles and digital printing with our aptitude for creativity and love for product customization.

We also believe product customization is the future. So, we’ve made it our goal to offer a design and customization experience that is simple, straightforward and user-friendly, and inspires our customers to feel innovative and creative.

Our Promises

  • 100% Made in the USA

    100% Made in the USA

    All creation, printing and shipping is based in the United States. No middlemen, no outsourced or overseas production.

  • Affordable & Trustworthy

    Affordable & Trustworthy

    Our in-house manufacturing and direct-to-consumer approach means that we’re involved at every step, so we can keep costs down and pass those savings to you.

  • High-Quality


    We source the best fabrics and use the right printing techniques to ensure your custom blanket is a perfect ten.

  • Thoughtful


    We personally oversee the quality of our fabrics; and donate imperfect blankets to local shelters. We also donate a portion of our sales to charity.

From production to packaging, we put care and thoughtfulness into every blanket.